Adams Super DHy Hybrid

Adams Super DHy Hybrid

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    Product Code: 13409


    Long irons have been dead for many years and the new SUPER DHy™ Driving Hybrid is the nail in the coffin.

    It's low launching, extremely workable and very forgiving. It gives you the extra distance and forgiveness of a hybrid with the shot-shaping control and workability of a long iron. A true long iron replacement uniquely designed for tour pros and low to mid-handicap players.

    • VST™ cut-thru sole slot combined with an ultra-thin, maraging steel face creates incredible ball speeds.
    • Compact, iron-like shape, requested by tour pros, allows for better workability and control.
    • Unique bulge and roll face technology (not found in any other utility clubs or driving irons) improves forgiveness and shot dispersion.
    Super DHy Hybrid