PING i25 Fairway Woods

PING i25 Fairway Woods

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    Compact and hot off the tee, the 17-4 stainless steel i25 fairway woods are built into a sleeker frame to enhance shot making. The taller face and lower center of gravity boost ball speed and reduce spin for added distance. Patented racing stripes help with alignment, adjustable lofts customize your fitting, and the industry-first PWR shaft family optimizes trajectory and feel.

    With the i25 fairway woods, engineering a tall face was a top priority. This enlarges the hitting area and provides more confidence off the tee and in light rough. The CG is extremely low, allowing for more energy at impact to go to the ball speed, and less into the spin. The result is a hot, penetrating trajectory with a predictable ball flight.

    While subtle, racing stripes on the crown can help you aim and deliver the face accurately, assist in setup consistency, or guide you in taking the club back on the desired path. Ultimately, this will make you more consistent and help you hit shots straight at your target. You can add or subtract ½-degree of loft to the 14°, 15°, and 18° heads using PING's Trajectory Tuning Technology. The ability to fine-tune trajectory makes it easy to optimize launch angle and spin rate for maximizing distance. Our lightweight, adjustable hosel is highly aerodynamic and has the same outer diameter and mass of our traditional fixed hosels.

    PING's proprietary PWR shafts (55g, 65g, 75g) in the i25 fairway woods vary in stiffness profile, and allow for changing the club’s total weight without altering the swingweight – or balance in your hands. The lighter shafts are suited for players looking to hit it higher and reduce fade-type misses, while the heavier versions are best for players looking to lower their trajectory and reduce draw-type misses.

    i25 racing stripes

    Racing Stripes

    To help you aim and deliver the face accurately, guide you in taking the club back on the desired path, or assist in aligning your feet and body, rely on these subtle stripes.

    Variable-Thickness Face

    A powerful energy transfer for faster ball speeds and increased distance are the benefits of a variable-thickness, 17-4 stainless steel face.
    variable thickness face

    trajectory tuning technology

    Trajectory Tuning Technology

    Fine-tune your launch angle and spin rate by adding or subtracting ½-degree of loft on the standard 14º, 15º, and 18º heads. PING's adjustable hosel is easy to use, lightweight and aerodynamically efficient.