Line M Up Ball Alignment System

Line M Up Ball Alignment System

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    Line-M-Up helps save strokes from tee to green. Players on all major tours use a lined ball to help line up putts. The Line-M-Up snaps onto any regulation size ball and allows for a perfectly centered, straight line to be drawn around the diameter. The concept is simple. A lined ball provides a guide to align putts and tee shots. Confident of the line, you are free to concentrate on your stroke and speed.

    Used as a playing aid, the Line-M-Up is legal to use in competition and will help you align your putts and tee shots to improve your score.

    Used as a training aid, the Line-M-Up gives you a visual guide when putting. When a good stroke is made, the line on the ball appears straight as it rolls; whereas, if the ball is poorly struck, the line on the ball will appear to wobble. It's not easy, but when mastered, you will be a better putter.