Search And Rescue Orange Two Ball Retriever

Search And Rescue Orange Two Ball Retriever

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    Product Code: 7449-4907-4109-4908


    Search & Rescue Two-Ball Retrievers

    JTD Enterprises, a family-owned tubular fabrication and custom assemblies source, produces one of the highest quality golf ball retrievers on the market today.


    • Available in two-ball and four-ball models.
    • Welded steel wire design baskets of these retrievers are dipped in orange epoxy paint for high visibility
    • Simply place the head behind the ball, pull and lift
    • The trip wire keeps it locked in
    • To release the ball, just lift the trip wire and remove
    • You don't have to "see it" to "retrieve it" with these models. Just like trawling for golf balls, as you dredge the bottom, you can feel the balls fall in
    • Four-Ball model features a twist on/twist off removable head which can be stored in a side pocket of a golf bag