Dave Pelz Putting Bible

Dave Pelz Putting Bible

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    Dave Pelz's Putting Bible, is the second book in a four book series, the Dave Pelz Scoring Game Series. Over 150,000 readers have purchased Dave Pelz?s Short Game Bible in it?s first year of release, and now let Dave help you shape up your game on the greens. Dave Pelz looks at putting, golf?s least-understood skill, as no one has ever approached it. Because a putt is the terminal shot on every hole and there is no possibility of recovery from short misses, putts count almost a disproportionate amount. And while the putting stroke is only one of several types of swings golfers make, it accounts for nearly half of all the swings made-43 percent-and perhaps as much as 80 percent of all anguish and frustration involved in the game. Using decades of scientific research from studying thousands of golfers, Dave shows the simplicity of putting that escapes most golfers and lays out fifteen well-defined building blocks of the putting game that each of us already has and owns. Packed with step-by-step drawings and photographs of scientifically proven techniques, this is truly the definitive book for putting.