Speed Wrap Tape

Speed Wrap Tape

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    Speed Wrap Tape Features:

    SpeedWrap™ Golf from Brasel Products can improve your golf game by providing you with a more secure and comfortable grip. SpeedWrap is Cohesive Gauze Tape, which provides exceptional protection while still allowing flexibility, breathability, and dexterity. And it keeps working wet or dry. SpeedWrap is used by pros and amateurs alike to wrap fingers and clubs.

    • Used by golf pros worldwide
    • Over 200 million rolls sold to date!
    • Provides better “gription” even when wet

    Club Wrap

    Used on your clubs, SpeedWrap can dramatically improve your grip without changing the characteristics of the club. SpeedWrap makes the club easier to hold, so you do not have to grasp as hard, which means your game will be more comfortable and consistent hole after hole.

    • improves your grip
    • works wet or dry (regardless of perspiration or rain)
    • removes easily with no sticky residue
    • one package can wrap an entire set of clubs

    Finger Wrap

    Used on your fingers, SpeedWrap provides protection against rubbing and friction, which can make your grip more comfortable and your game more enjoyable. Because it can be applied selectively to areas that need protection, a small amount can make a big difference. SpeedWrap can be used under your glove, over your glove or instead of one.

    • safe for sensitive skin
    • allows flexibility, breathability and dexterity
    • sticks only to itself and lifts away gently when finished