Winning Edge Animal Covers

Winning Edge Animal Covers

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    A unique alternative to traditional golf club headcovers. Choose your favorite whimsical animal from a large selection including Sergio Garcia's Black Bull, a cigar-smoking beagle, a poker-playing hound. What about a more sedate cow or crafty gopher or a hat-wearing gorilla? Whatever makes you smile!

    These Tour-tested headcovers are as functional as they are fun.


    • Each headcover features a special anchoring system that insures a secure fit on all size clubs-including today's oversized and geometric shape drivers (460cc.)
    • Each also has a soft, quality, sherpa-like lining, specifically tailored to protect clubs and putters from damage.
    • All items are made using only the finest custom-milled fabrics, in exciting, colors and materials. Many of the minute details are the result of careful hand craftsmanship, lending each item a unique flair and distinctive personal touch.
    • Finally, WINNING EDGE cover attachments -- characters' eyes, noses, accessories -- are securely fastened to withstand golf cart motion and inclement weather, not to mention those infuriating missed putts. These are Tour-tested headcovers, made to last.