ProActive Brush-T Specialty Tees (3-pack)

ProActive Brush-T Specialty Tees (3-pack)

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    ProActive Brush-T Specialty Tees (3-pack)

    More distance from less resistance. Places ball at same height every time. Never loose a tee again with Brush-Ts. Brush-T gives you a nice clean, impact-free hitting platform.

    Features and Benefits

    • The brush platform creates less resistance at impact resulting in less side spin imparted at impact
    • Also results in more distance
    • The high quality plastic construction means that it will last so much longer
    • The static length of all the tees gives you a constant height that you may grow accustomed to
    • Comes in 3 lengths- 3 wood, Driver and Extreme
    • Conforms with the R&A and USGA rules.

    Manufacturer's Product Numbers: DBT001 (3-Wood, Blue & White), DBT002 (Driver, Black & White), DBT003 (Oversize, Orange & White), DBT005 (Combo Pack: 3-Wood, Driver, & Oversize).