Fourteen Golf CT-112 Driver

Fourteen Golf CT-112 Driver

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    We've built a massive club head with a volume of 460cm³ with a super long shaft of 46.5 inches that still abides by the club rule. Golfers will be able to go ahead and pound the ball without any hesitation. It's a special model driver that will have those long hitter golfers itching for a long drive contest.

    The All New 47 Inched Long Shaft

      This 47 inch all new super long shaft was built specifically for the CT-112. It's long, but it does not mess with the golfer's timing at all and allows hit the ball solidly than before. The butt portion of the shaft is 1.53mm wide and this slightly wide length allows a better and consistent grip which will help stabilize not only the grip but also the swing and even brings out the best in the shaft, which ultimately produces powerful drives that soar through the fairway.

    Multi layered cup face

      What helps the consistency and the length from this driver is the multi layered cup face design. (Center portion=3.9mm, mid portion around the center = 2.1mm, outer portion around the mid area=2.1mm). This design helps create a pure contact and a pleasant sound off the tee ground.

    Super precise CG placement design

      To maximize the incredible combination of the huge club head and long shaft, the CG distance has been set to 38mm, club depth to 37mm, and MOI to 3950 g • cm². These features create a solid impact and an even further carry than those past drives you've hit. Moreover, the CG height as 21mm gives of f thecm² just right amount of backspin that will help stabilize the consistency of those super long drives.

    High back head design

      The CT-112 has been designed so that the back of the club head is slightly higher, which helps avoid golfers to set up with their right shoulder higher up at address and naturally let them set up with the proper posture and form. Even with a longer shaft and huge club head volume, the CT-112 will allow a smooth take back and help create consistent swings at the ball.