Lenspen Rangefinder Lens Cleaner

Lenspen Rangefinder Lens Cleaner

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    MSRP: $16.99

    You Save: $2.00!

    Product Code: 10379


    - Safe for cleaning ALL lenses, screens, and glasses
    - Patented dry carbon compound is safe and non-toxic
    - Outperforms any other cleaning device, or cloth
    - Super soft dust brush, and self-replenishing carbon tip

    The LensPen Rangeklear lens and screen cleaner is the new safe, convenient and super-effective way to clean virtually any lens or screen quickly, and properly. Have you ever noticed when you clean a screen or eyeglasses, it looks smeared and smudged, no matter how hard you wipe it? That is the oils from your fingertips that remain on the screen and build up over time. No matter how hard you wipe, its impossible to get it perfectly clean. Until now, that is!

    The Lens Pen by Range Klear uses carbon on the tip of a lens safe brush to magically remove all oils from fingerprints from the lens or screen. Its like having a magic eraser in your pocket. On one end of the Lenspen is a soft dusting brush to remove dust particles that can damage your screen if wiped. Just use this to brush away these particles, and then use the other end with the carbon tip to magically erase fingerprints. Its that simple!

    The Lenspen is good for over 500 applications, and it is super small and lightweight so you can take it anywhere with you. Its great for range finders, GPS units, cameras, smart phones, glasses... any type of lens or glass that you need to clean. Just $2.99 flat rate shipping for any number of Lens Pens!