Fourteen Golf FH1000 Forged 8pc Irons Set

Fourteen Golf FH1000 Forged 8pc Irons Set

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    Fourteen envisioned what PGA tour players would absolutely love, which lead the company to design and manafacture these tour model muscle back irons. The goal was to maximize the advantage of a muscle back design while also making the iron look sleek and very workable in any type of situation.

    Future Heritage Design

    This is the “ultimate” tour inspired forged iron that consists of a combination of both traditional and modern features. Not only does this iron have an orthodox muscle back design, it also includes the latest club technology that enhances its functionality. At Fourteen, we wanted to maintain the advantage of the easy spin controllability of a muscle back design while improving shot consistency. We are confident that these enhanced designs definitely put our tour model irons ahead of many of our competitors.

    FH (Future Heritage Technology = Higher Precision>

    The “Reverse Muscle Back Design” allows stability in the club head movement. As seen in the diagram, the upper blade portion is slightly thicker and some weight is distributed on the upper part of the club head as well. These blades will allow the golfer to be able to hit any type of shot in any situation without having to worry about distance control. Overall shot quality is also improved.

    Recent tour golf ball characteristics include low spin on long shots and higher spin performance for short shots. Long irons have a relatively lower CG which allows the ball to launch higher and allows it to land softly on the green. In comparison, short irons have a relatively higher CG so when a golfer strikes the ball aggressively; the ball does not have a weak launch but has an aggressive flight toward the pin. These irons are designed to have great compatibility with recent golf ball innovations, so golfers do not have to manually adjust according to the type of shot but instead just allow the club to do its own work.

    We closely matched the CG distance with our tour model driver. We did this so that there is a better transition from a driver to an iron, which allows the golfer to swing at the same tempo and also obtain better shot consistency. These irons were strategically made so that tour pros have a better transition from club to club and that they can consistently manage to perform well under any type of situation.

    Club Head Shape

    These irons have less off-set with a head shape that allows the golfer to better visualize the club grasping the ball. Additionally, it allows the golfer to imagine a clear launch line and also a feeling of being able strike the ball with confidence.

    Head Specification

    Tour professionals tend to select clubs based on performance as well as quality. We know that once tour pros have a look at these irons, they will fall in love with the sleek design and will be impressed with its high functionality and performance.