Fourteen Golf TC-930 Forged 8pc Irons Set

Fourteen Golf TC-930 Forged 8pc Irons Set

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    This club head design is a pure gem. The TC-930 Forged Irons feature a low CG which is perfectly aligned. This precise positioning combined with a longer hera length encourages club head control. The CG alignment varies based on the club length. The 9-iron and PQ have a shorter CG for exceptional controllability. Golfers with club head speeds in excess of 43m/sec will enjoy the power and consistency of these irons.

    Low CG Setting for the Athletic Golfer

    These irons feature a low CG which works well with the latest golf balls out on the market today. What we mean by this is that long range shots will produce less spin while short iron range shots will deliver optimal spin performance. The low CG provides just the right amount of spin on each shot, generating consistent performance on every shot.

    Perfect CG Alignment Setting

    At Fourteen Golf, we understand that golfers who generate club head speeds over 43 m/sec want club head control so that they have a sense of timing during their swing. To accommodate those requests, we designed the CG alignment settings with precise positioning to take into consideration the length of the club. As a result, the 9 iron and PW have a shorter CG to maintain exceptional controllability.

    Head Shape
    • Face - To make the TC-930 Forged Irons easy-to-hit, the Fourteen Golf engineering team developed a power pocket" between the neck and face. Even though the club features a straight neck, the "pocket" makes it look as if it is slightly offset and so it is very easy to address the ball.
    • Finish - These stylish irons feature a mirror finish manufactured from a soft iron on the cavity potion of the club head and a bead blast finish at the impact zone which is complemented by a pearl finish. Using multiple finishes gives these irons a striking appearance.
    S20C Soft Iron Material
    • The club head is made with a soft S20C iron material for a pure forged feel.
    • These irons provide the ultimate combination for the athletic golfer. They are easy to swing and hit and just makes playing golf even more pleasurable. Players with high swing speeds will enjoy the simplicity of these irons and the ability to control shots for precision placement on the golf course.