Practice Stick

Practice Stick

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    Practice Stick Features:

    This is the first golf ball shag designed to fit inside your golf bag, unlike conventional shag bags, right along with your clubs. When you need to shag balls around the backyard or office, the Practice Stick is a must. We have found the best golf accessories are ones that are easy to use, designed and built to last, priced right, and serve a clear and needed purpose. The Practice Stick Golf Ball Shag is a 10 in each category.

    Simply place the open end of the Practice Stick over the golf ball and 'click' the ball in. This ball shagger will hold 24 golf balls. To empty the Practice Stick, simply raise your foot from the heel and use the top of your foot to release the spring loaded lever- out come the golf balls. Chip, putt, repeat! Never bend over.Internal Pricing