3BaysGSA PUTT (Putting Analyzer for Apple iOS)

3BaysGSA PUTT (Putting Analyzer for Apple iOS)

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    3BaysGSA PUTT is the World’s Lightest Putting Analyzer, which is smartly designed to plug into putter grip. It can digitize and analyze key aspects of your putting stroke more closely than ever. Delicate 9-axis motion sensors and intelligent algorithm are deployed to detect and capture even the subtlest movements of the putter and it brings you instant feedback on mobile devices via Bluetooth connection. It is a game-changing device that helps golfers develop consistent, repeatable and reliable putting strokes.

    Ultra-small and Ultra-light

      3BaysGSA PUTT is smaller than a golf ball and only weighs 1/3 of an ounce. You may not even feel it at all. It is probably the lightest portable putting analyzer around.

    Attach in a way you could never imagine

      The compact device is smartly designed to plug into putter grip, making it absolutely unobstructive to your putting motion. Setup cannot be simpler. Just plug it in, align it properly, then you are ready to take your putting to the next level.

    All new sensors and All new algorithym

      A single degree is the difference between in and out. The new 9-axis sensors inside the motion sensing engine and a more sophisticated algorithym are deployed to detect, capture and digitize even the subtlest movements of the putter with proven accuracy.

    Free from wires

      3BaysGSA PUTT sends all putting information instantly to your phones or tablets via the ultra-fast bluetooth connection. Real-time feedback makes your practices more convenient and efficient.

    See your stroke like you never have before

      on GSA PUTT app, you can view the animation playback of your stroke path in both side view and top view simultaneously. You can see exactly how the putter moves and how the face rotates throughout the entire stroke. You can even zoom in for a detailed review.

    Perfect your putt with key metrics

      Besides stroke path animation, GSA Putt app also provides an objective measurement of your stroke with meaningful metrics.

      • Face angle at impact
      • Face angle along the path
      • Attack angle at impact
      • Tempo
      • Backswing time
      • Downswing time
      • Impact speed
      • Swing path distance