SkyCaddie SkyPro Swing Training Aid

SkyCaddie SkyPro Swing Training Aid

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    SkyPro is a new way to improve your golf swing. It is a small sensor that fits imperceptibly below your grip and monitors your club's motion during a swing. This information is then transmitted wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet, which provides instant feedback on key features of your swing. Make practice meaningful, and have more fun too, with SkyPro!

    Introducing Skypro

    Instant FeedbackInstant Feedback

    We believe that feedback is essential for improving your game. Without feedback, you may not know if you're practicing a good habit or just repeating a bad one. SkyPro provides you this information, and makes it as fast, accurate, and easy as possible.

    • Accurate - 3,600 measurements a second. Precise club calibration using the sensors in your iPhone. Continuously updated algorithms. SkyPro makes accuracy a priority.
    • Easy - Don't change your swing setup procedure. SkyPro automatically records and transfers swing data to your smartphone, no button pushes necessary.
    • Fast - Instant feedback means not having to wait. SkyPro's high-speed wireless link means you get your information as quickly as possible.
    • Powerful - Intelligent Power Management provides up to 8 hours of continuous use. No on-off switch needed.
    • Stable - Anti-Rotational Stability (ARS) ensures your SkyPro stays calibrated and aligned throughout your session.
    Detailed Analysis

    SkyPro doesn't just provide you with feedback, it also helps you determine what to focus on during practice. View your swing or putt from any angle, compare it to a favorite, or use the checkpoint system; SkyPro has many tools to help you find flaws in your swing. The end result is a thorough, but understandable, analysis.

    • Checkpoints - Get information about your club's position at key points throughout your swing. SkyPro will automatically alert you to any unusual values.
    • 3D Freedom of View - Don't be limited to one camera angle. View your swing from down the line, face on, above, or anywhere in between.
    • Groove - Find a Checkpoint that needs work? SkyPro will provide you the instant feedback you need to groove a better swing.
    • Compare - Sync up and overlay your favorite swings from the not-so-favorite. Compare positions and tempos. Now you can see exactly what changed.
    • Zoom - Zoom in for a detailed, close up view of any point in your swing. Double-tap or pinch to zoom.
    • Variable Speed - Play back your swing in real time, or slow it down for a more thorough analysis.
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