Check-Go Pro Golf Ball Sweet Spot Finder

Check-Go Pro Golf Ball Sweet Spot Finder

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    Check-Go Pro Golf Ball Sweet Spot Finder Features:

    More than a million golfers have improved their golf game with the original Check Go; we heard their comments and suggestions and incorporated new features that address their concerns in the New Check-Go Pro. The redesigned Pro model continues to spin balance golf balls as accurately as the original Check-Go, using principles similar to balancing auto tires, but adds an LED timing light which allows the user to know exactly when the ball has been balanced. Additionally, the Pro unit adds a traditional ball equator line-up marker to draw a clean and clear line around the golf ball. Golf balls that are balance-aligned roll true, staying on line when putting and travel further off the tees with fewer tendencies to hook or slice. Most manufactured golf balls do not leave the factory perfectly balanced. Roger Gunn, Southern California Teaching Pro of the Year, has all of his students using the Check-Go, including two Ryder Cup members. Start shaving strokes off your golf game with the new Check-Go Pro.

    Great golf gift item that will help improve your putting.