Momentus Strength Trainer

Momentus Strength Trainer

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    The MOMENTUS Strength Trainer is a revolutionary training aid designed to create a stronger and more powerful golf swing in just minutes a day! The Momentus Strength Trainer will increase strength and flexibility in the golf specific muscles. It will add distance to your drives, greater control to your approach shots, confidence to your game, and will lower your scores.

    The uniquely weighted design insures that not only will you be strengthening your golf swing, but also synchronizing the proper hand, arm, and body movements to hit longer and straighter golf shots.

    The counter-balanced weights of the Momentus Strength Trainer allow the club to swing in a smooth and flowing fashion while giving a workout to the golf specific muscles. The Momentus Strength Trainer is ideal for hitting longer shots and generating greater clubhead speed. An 18-minute instructional video and 36-page workout booklet are included with each Momentus Strength Trainer.