Srixon Z Star3 Pure White Golf Balls

Srixon Z Star3 Pure White Golf Balls

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    Product Code: 865415


    The 2013 Srixon Z Star Pure White Golf Ball is the most technically advance Tour-performance golf ball they have ever developed. The new Z-Star has been re-designed, re-calculated, and re-formulated to produce the best balance of Tour performance across all the clubs in the bag.

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      S-T-A-R performance
    • It is the process of tuning the ball's performance precisely to enhance total playability on every shot.
    • Spin, Trajectory, Acceleration, and Responsiveness.
    • Large and highly-resilient, soft, energetic, gradient growth core
    • This technology is the engine of the ball and provides the variable high performance needed with every club.
    • 344 Speed dimples
    • The speed dimple design balances dimple surface coverage with uniformity to produce the least amount of drag, making this ball virtually unyielding into the wind.
    • Spinskin
    • This newly developed proprietary coating improves greenside spin and control without sacrificing distance off the tee. It improves friction between the golf ball and club surface by 20%, resulting in unmatched greenside performance.