Wilson Staff Duo Golf Balls - White

Wilson Staff Duo Golf Balls - White

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    Product Code: 11760


    Longer. Softer. And more amazing than anything you've ever played. There's no question that Duo is a true performance double take. It's the longest ball Wilson has ever made and the softest ball on the market. Its true performance value and distinctive feel set it apart from every other distance ball. See for yourself. Take the Duo Challenge and find out why 8 out of 10 golfers who try Duo, switch

    A Performance Double Take
    • Take 1: Long off the Tee: More control due to reduce spin off the driver.
    • Take 2: Soft around the Green: Softer feel for improved playability around the greens.
    40 Compression
    • A crazy, soft ball that is half the compression of the average leading competitor balls with an industry average COR which makes this ball exceptionally long.