TRUE Linkswear Men's TRUE gent wingtip - White/Black

TRUE Linkswear Men's TRUE gent wingtip - White/Black

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    Product Code: 13301-GW1-0002


    Our ode to the traditional fashions that shaped our sport, the TRUE gent, combines the heritage of classic golf style with core built for walking. The TRUE gent is all you’ve grown to love about TRUE linkswear - comfort and tour level performance with a new wingtip style. The gent’s wingtip upper is built out of ultra premium Italian leather, and a completely waterproof upper that literally wraps your foot in protection 360 degrees. Its built on top of our new TRUE Flex-Feel-Gent outsole, which is the lightest, most comfortable outsole we’ve built to date. The faux heel in the back gives the look of a classic shoe, but don’t be fooled, this is a minimal shoe built with zero drop, meaning the platform is going to enhance your stability, traction, and ability to feel the course. Mix that in with TRUE’s flexible nature, and you’ve got the ultimate performance shoe with style that GQ would be proud of.

    SIZING ALERT: The GENT runs 1/2 smaller than traditional TRUE linkswear shoes due to the mid-foot stability and cushioning. If you’ve ordered TRUEs in the past, please adjust your sizing accordingly by adding 1/2 size to your order.


    Great golf starts from the ground up. We start with the most basic essence of natural motion – you. Using the human foot as our guide, each pair of TRUEs is designed around its shape, allowing the toes to fan out to achieve balance and ensure comfort. This approach, revolutionary in the golf world, envelops the foot in comfort and fosters natural movement throughout your swing and your stride, allowing your to enjoy the walk.


    Designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and stability, our outsole is crafted from and unbelievable light yet durable material that will provide the ultimate platform for walking golfers.


    More than durable, our water and stain wicking suede and canvas materials are a testament to the golf lifestyle, offering dependability on the course and a trendy style off of it.


    Inside and out, TRUEs are crafted to keep your feet dry even in the harshest of playing conditions. We literally wrap your foot 360 degrees to ensure dry comfort for your feet no matter what conditions you face.


    The traction you need coupled with the comfort you deserve, our ergo-traction rubber outsole is the thinnest in golf and provides all the stability, balance and leverage you’ve been looking for.

    NOTE/CARE INSTRUCTIONS: These shoes have been treated by a protectant spray that will do its best to protect your shoes from exterior water and dirt. However, due to the absorbent nature of these materials, water and dirt will still work its way into the exterior surface of the material with persistent contact. Please buy according to your intended usage: i.e. if you live in a wetter, muddier climate and intend to wear our shoes to play golf in those conditions, we recommend our leather upper shoes as an alternative. We recommend following traditional suede and canvas cleaning and treatment procedures to keep them looking their best. We also recommend treating with any addition waterproofing sprays that will help them hold up against the elements.