Odyssey Metal-X Milled Versa 1 Putter

Odyssey Metal-X Milled Versa 1 Putter

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    Product Code: 14723-1


    Driven By Roll Technology and Major-Winning Alignment

    This could be the most technologically advanced milled putter on the market, with Metal-X roll technology to make it roll true, crossbar technology to customize feel, and Tour proven, major-winning Versa high contrast alignment.

    Metal-X Roll Technology

    The oval depressions in the face maximize the mechanical lock with the golf ball dimples, increasing friction and creating a more controlled and consistent roll.

    Adjustable Weight Kit

    3 sets of customizable weights (10g, 15g, and 20g) to fine tune your preferred weight. Now you can customize feel based on different playing conditions like green speeds.

    High Contrast Alignment

    The breakthrough black and white high contrast alignment system delivers alignment through your stroke, highlighting the proper face angle from address to impact and improving concentration with Tour proven, major-winning Versa technology.

    Stabilizing Crossbar

    This crossbar is visible from the back, and stiffens the face without adding much weight to stabilize sound and feel. Now thatís cool.