Ping Scottsdale TR Putter - Senita

Ping Scottsdale TR Putter - Senita

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    Product Code: 12838-S


    Variable-Depth-Groove Insert for Distance Control

    Grooves are deepest in the middle and getgradually shallower to the perimeter of the insert. This counteracts normal loss in energy or ballspeed to ensuremore-consistent ball velocity across the putter face, even if the ball is struck off-center toward the heel or toe.PING studies show a substantial increase in ball-speed consistency measured at nine points on the face.

    Adjustable-Length Shaft (optional)

    USGA-conforming shaft adjusts 31”–38” to optimize the proper fit for more consistency.


    • Variable-depth-groove insert
    • Big increase in ball-speed consistency across face
    • 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum insert
    • Adjustable-shaft range (31"-38")
    • Black PVD finish
    • 12 Fit For Stroke™ models
      • Slight arc models = Anser 2, B60, Shea, Tomcat S, Anser 2 B (adjustable belly)
      • Strong arc models = ZB S, Shea H
      • Straight models = Piper C, Tatum, Carefree L (adjustable long)
      • All stroke types available = Grayhawk, Senita
    • Blade and mallet styles
    • Mid-size PP58 cord grip