SeeMore Big FGP Nickel Putter - Belly

SeeMore Big FGP Nickel Putter - Belly

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    The Belly - Big FGP - Nickel - putter is new for 2012. It is the largest mallet in the FGP series with single line on top and two lines on the back flange. Alignment benefits of RifleScope Technology (RST). Straight shaft. 45% toe hang. 385 gram head with a geometric rear flange. Cast 303 stainless steel now featuring a milled face. Nickel Finish.

    Belly General Information

    The SeeMore Long/Broomstick putter is the perfect putter for those golfers who have gone to the broomstick style putting. With a nearly 500 gram head, shaft lengths from 47 to 53 inches, and the shaft angle at the maximum 79' angle, the 100% broomstick models are completely unique within the SeeMore putter line, designed by some of the worlds top broomstick style putters for those who are committed to the long putter. SeeMore's RST technology has been modified in the broomstick to incorporate key alignment lines that are optimal for a super-long, upright style putter. If you have questions about the broomstick putter, contact Team SeeMore at or 800-985-8170.