SeeMore SB1 Platinum Center Putter - Belly

SeeMore SB1 Platinum Center Putter - Belly

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    Large mallet, tremendous game improvement option for any player looking at oversize mallets. Alignment benefits of RifleScope Technology (RST). Face-balanced (no discernable toe hang). 100% milled from 6061 Aluminum for the very best in balance, feel and performance. The SB1 is more precise, providing better set up and alignment aid than other putters in this category. Platinum finish. Weights will be installed in putter head bringing head weight to approximately 390 grams. Allen wrench can remove weights (wrench not included). Available in straight.

    Belly General Information

    The SeeMore Long/Broomstick putter is the perfect putter for those golfers who have gone to the broomstick style putting. With a nearly 500 gram head, shaft lengths from 47 to 53 inches, and the shaft angle at the maximum 79' angle, the 100% broomstick models are completely unique within the SeeMore putter line, designed by some of the worlds top broomstick style putters for those who are committed to the long putter. SeeMore's RST technology has been modified in the broomstick to incorporate key alignment lines that are optimal for a super-long, upright style putter. If you have questions about the broomstick putter, contact Team SeeMore at or 800-985-8170.