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SkyTrak Golf Simulator Studio Package

Size :
10' x 8.5'
12' x 8.5'
13' x 10'
13' x 10' (Deep)

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SkyTrak Golf Simulator Studio Package

Create Your Ultimate Home Golf Simulation Studio with Ease!

  • Rapid Setup - Get up and running in under an hour.
  • Unparalleled Accessibility and Enjoyment - Turn your home into a golf haven for a fraction of the cost compared to just five years ago.
  • Tailored to Your Space - Choose from four equally-priced size packages to fit any available area in your home.
  • Safety Assured - Built with high-quality materials, our studio prioritizes your safety, whether you're practicing indoors or in the garage.
  • Top-Notch Impact Screens - Our premium impact screens provide exceptional noise dampening and ball return, enhancing your overall simulation experience.

*Launch Monitor not included.

**Ceiling mounting the Projector is recommended for optimal image quality.


You'll want to take into account the ceiling height of your space not just for the enclosure, but to make sure you have enough room to swing a club! The sizes of the enclosures are below

  • Studio 10 - 10' (W) X 8'6 (H) X 5'4 (D)
  • Studio 12 - 12' (W) X 8'6 (H) X 5'4 (D)
  • Studio 13 - 13' (W) X 10' (H) X 5'4' (D)
  • Studio 13 Deep - 13' (W) X 10' (H) X 10' (D)

What's Included

  • Studio Enclosure
  • Optoma GT2000 HDR Projector
  • Projector Mounting Arm
  • Premium HDMI Cable
  • 5x5 Hitting Mat
  • Putting Turf
  • Ball Tray
  • Enclosure Side Netting
  • Reference ID:10503661

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