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Pure2Improve PUREHITT Hittable Golf Tempo Swing Trainer

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Pure2Improve PUREHITT Hittable Golf Tempo Swing Trainer

Warm-Up and Square-Up with the PUREHITT. The PUREHITT is the first hittable swing trainer offering the benefits of the current whippy shafted and heavy rubber-headed swing trainers, yet with the added benefits of club face awareness and hittability. Why does a club face and hittability matter? Because you need to get square at impact to hit the ball straight and far. See the ball flight results from your practice and swings with a weighted, flexible whippy trainer. First, warm-up with the PUREHITT with a half dozen to dozen swings. Then begin to hit balls. Start with a half swing and focus on a square face at impact. Feel and see your club positions throughout. Work on the timing of your turn and release. Sync all aspects of your swing. See the ball flight improvements with the PUREHITT. Alternating between hitting the PUREHITT and your clubs, from mid-irons to driver, you'll see the correlation between improvement and straighter shots with your PUREHITT and better ball striking for greater accuracy, improved trajectory, and greater distance with your own clubs.

  • ALL-IN-ONE SWING TRAINER - Leverage the features of whippy and heavy round-headed swing trainers with the feature of a hittable club face to square-up at impact to learn how to hit the ball straighter and longer with your own clubs
  • WARM-UP YOUR BODY & SWING - Outstanding 1st tee pre-round and pre-practice warm-up tool. The PUREHITT is bag legal so it's always there when you need it to get you warmed-up and ready for practice and play.
  • SQUARE-UP YOUR CLUB FACE AT IMPACT - What's a swing and tempo trainer without a club face? Only a partial solution. With the PUREHITT, gain club face awareness and hittability to square-up for more accuracy and distance.
  • IMPROVE YOUR SWING TEMPO AND SWING PLANE - Flexible fiberglass shaft and heavy PU head combine to teach and groove a smooth transition at the top of the swing and provide a more fluid and on-plane swing
  • TWO-FACE CLUB HEAD - Symmetrical and balanced two-faced club head means only one trainer is needed for both righties and lefties. Fun and beneficial for golfers to practice both right & left-handed shots.
  • REPLACEABLE GOLF GRIP - Features easy grip replacement with your preferred standard or jumbo sized grip to match what you use on your clubs. We strongly recommend utilzing a professional regripper.
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