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Titleist Vokey SM10 Chrome Wedge

Hand :
Loft/Bounce :
46° Loft - 10° Bounce
48° Loft - 10° Bounce
50° Loft - 8° Bounce
50° Loft - 12° Bounce
52° Loft - 8° Bounce
52° Loft - 12° Bounce
54° Loft - 8° Bounce
54° Loft - 10° Bounce
54° Loft - 12° Bounce
54° Loft - 14° Bounce
56° Loft - 8° Bounce
56° Loft - 10° Bounce
56° Loft - 12° Bounce
56° Loft - 14° Bounce
58° Loft - 4° Bounce
58° Loft - 8° Bounce
58° Loft - 10° Bounce
58° Loft - 12° Bounce
58° Loft - 14° Bounce
60° Loft - 4° Bounce
60° Loft - 8° Bounce
60° Loft - 10° Bounce
60° Loft - 12° Bounce
60° Loft - 14° Bounce
62° Loft - 8° Bounce
Grind :
F Grind
S Grind
M Grind
D Grind
K Grind
T Grind
Shaft Material :
Shaft Model :
True Temper Dynamic Gold S200
True Temper Dynamic Gold 105
Mitsubishi TENSEI Red AM2

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Titleist Vokey SM10 Chrome Wedge

Master Craftsman Bob Vokey’s New Line Delivers Lower Flight, Better Feel, and Maximum Spin

Titleist’s new Vokey Design SM10 wedges are engineered to produce a lower, more controlled flight with improved feel and maximum spin – advancing the performance of the game’s most played wedges.

Master Craftsman Bob Vokey’s 3 keys to great wedge play:

1. Shot Versatility: The Vokey Design SM10 family comprises six different tour-proven sole grinds (F, S, M, K, T and D) – with a total of 25 unique loft, bounce, and grind combinations, allowing every golfer the opportunity to find their optimal wedge setup. Properly fit wedges that complement a golfer’s swing type and course conditions help unlock creativity around the greens and achieve proper turf interaction and contact.

2. Precise Distance & Trajectory Control: SM10 wedges feature new progressive center of gravity placements through the lofts. The result is a lower, more controlled trajectory, more solid feel, and tighter dispersion from the lowest-lofted wedge to the highest.

3. Maximum Spin: Vokey Design’s patented Spin Milled process has been refined to deliver higher, more consistent spin. Each TX9 groove is individually cut based on loft and finish and treated with high frequency heat to maximize durability.

Vokey Design wedges have been the most played wedge on the PGA TOUR since 2004, with Vokey models accounting for more than half of the wedges in play throughout the 2022-23 PGA TOUR season.

Vokey SM10 Performance & Technology:

  • Shot Versatility - Unlocking ultimate short game creativity and shot-making ability comes from playing a properly fitted wedge set, and Vokey SM10 wedges feature the most complete lineup of loft, grind and bounce combinations in the game to fit a variety of swing types, styles of play and course conditions. Playing the right wedge helps golfers achieve proper turf interaction and find the optimal strike position (grooves 2-5), resulting in a lower, more consistent flight with higher spin.

    The T grind, one of the most played lob wedges on the PGA TOUR, is featured as SM10’s low-bounce lob wedge option. The 54.08M has been added to the lineup for players who prefer a lower-bounce, strong-lofted sand wedge.
  • Distance & Trajectory Control - Vokey Design SM10 wedges feature new optimized, progressive CG to achieve precision in distance and trajectory control. In the 46-52° models, the CG is lower for a better transition from the iron set and more consistent distance gapping. The CG is also pushed out closer to the center of the face, helping to eliminate excessive draw movement and provide a more solid feel, based on Tour player feedback and testing. In lofts 54-62°, the CG is moved up and forward, which provides lower trajectory and a squarer face at impact. Loft-optimized CG allows for more consistent, controlled flight, better feel and tighter dispersion from the top end to the bottom end of a player’s wedge setup.
  • Maximum Spin - Vokey’s patented Spin Milled groove cutting process provides a score-line that delivers higher, more consistent spin, wedge after wedge. Vokey SM10 wedges feature TX9 grooves that are individually cut based on loft and finish: the grooves on the stronger-lofted wedges (46-54°) are cut narrower and deeper, while the higher-lofted wedges (56-62°) feature wider and shallower grooves.

    A parallel micro-texture between grooves helps to maximize spin on partial shots, and a high frequency heat treatment is applied to the impact area, doubling the durability of the groove edge compared to untreated grooves.
  • Progressive Shaping, Enhanced Profiles - Vokey SM10 wedges are updated with progressive shaping by loft and consistent profiles to inspire confidence in every player. Lofts 46-52° feature a smaller profile and a straighter leading edge, while lofts 56-62° have a larger footprint and a more rounded leading edge for shot versatility.
  • Full Loft, Grind, & Bounce Options - 46.10F, 48.10F, 50.08F, 50.12F, 52.08F, 52.12F, 54.08M, 54.10S, 54.12D, 54.14F, 56.08M, 56.10S, 56.12D, 54.14F, 58.04T, 58.08M, 58.10S, 58.12D, 58.14K, 60.04T, 60.08M, 60.10S, 60.12D, 60.14K, 62.08M
  • Stock Shaft & Grip - Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold S200 | Grip: NEW Titleist Universal 360 Grip
  • Reference ID:10506084

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