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Brush-T 3-Pack Oversize Tees

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Brush-T 3-Pack Oversize Tees

Affectionately nicknamed "the Sweet Spot", the Oversize brush tee can be used for a whole range of clubs. Some use it for drivers while some use it for their hybrids and woods. If you're looking for the best start with brush-t then the Oversize is where it's at.

  • Perfect Sizing - Brush-t's are unique due to their consistent height. To find your perfect tee choose the size based on name and wooden tee comparison.
  • What is a performance tee? - Technology is essential to the game of golf so why stop at golf clubs? We use durable plastic, bristle technology, and consistency in height taking the tee to a whole new level.
  • The Whole package - Each brush-t® comes with a protective case, bristle preserver, and ball marker.
  • Durable Plastic Tees - Designed with durability in mind, the brush-t is made from high quality polymer while the bristles are strong synthetic strands that last all season for most golfers.
  • Avoid plastic club marks - The wide base of the brush-t maintains consistent height on every tee up. The base of the tee sits flush with the ground while the plastic base sits above ground at a mere ~1/8"(0.5cm) to avoid club contact with plastic.
  • Bristle lengths - brush-t comes in 4 different sizes. Your bristle height should change depending on the club being used. Standard tee depth is 1.5" for all tees except the XLT tee which sits at a depth of 1.75" for more stability.
  • More Distance - Southern California independent testers found the brush-t consistently produced greater distance and reduced spin from its wooden counterpart. Brush-t was found to impart 2% less deviation on the ball which leads to straighter, more accurate drives. It showed less resistance at impact and therefore added between 3.2 and 7 yards to driving distance. These tests were carried out using the Iron Byron swing tester to help ensure greater consistency.
  • Reference ID:10090861

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