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Bridgestone Tour B RXS Personalized Golf Balls

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Please note … a minimum order of 2 dozen balls is required for these personalized balls.



Bridgestone Tour B RXS Personalized Golf Balls

The TOUR B RXS delivers increased ball speed for maximum distance off the tee, a soft ball feel, and increased spin for more control on approach shots. The TOUR B RXS is ideal for players with swing speeds under 105 MPH who want additional spin.


  • REACTIVE X - NEW REACTIV X System combines the REACTIV iQ Smart Cover Technology with XCLRNT mid-layer for INCREASED DISTANCE off the tee and IMPROVED FEEL and CONTROL around the green.
    • More Distance - REACTIV X System creates intensified rebound on tee shots, delivering explosive velocity and increased distance.
    • More Control - : REACTIV X System stays on the face longer on approach shots, providing more spin and soft feel around the green.
  • Gradational Compression - Added distance and forgiveness comes from the Gradational Compression core. Higher initial ball speed and lower side spin from the Gradational Compression core help give you an advantage on the course.
  • Dual Dimple - Extra distance and enhanced aerodynamics are a result of the Dual Dimple technology. The added distance comes from a more efficient ball trajectory thanks to less drag when the ball is in flight.
  • Seamless Cover - Consistent flight and performance are a result of the proprietary Seamless Cover Technology. The perfect performance and aerodynamic balance comes from a manufacturing processes that creates a perfectly balanced dimple pattern.
  • Increased Ball Speed - The Tour B RXS delivers increased ball speed for Maximum Distance off the tee and a Soft Feel and Increased Spin for Control on approach shots.
  • #1 Ball Fitter in Golf - Bridgestone is the #1 Ball Fitter in Golf. The Tour B RXS is ideal for players with swing speeds Under 105 M.P.H., who want additional spin.

Personalization Order Details:

  • Bridgestone will print text in CAPS only
  • Text is available in the following font colors: Black, Red, Blue, or Green
  • Maximum number of lines: 3
  • Maximum number of characters per line: 17
  • Minimum purchase required: 1 dozen balls
  • No returns or exchanges
  • The manufacturer reserves the right to decline orders containing questionable language or trademark infringements
  • Once the order has been placed:
    • The order will be sent directly to the manufacturer to create your custom order
    • Allow 10-12 business days (not including weekends and holidays) for the order to be personalized
    • Then allow for delivery time ... generally Ground Delivery may be up to 7 business days
    • Note: Business days do not include weekends or holidays (allow for 4-6 weeks during peak holiday seasons)
  • Reference ID:10507590

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