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Brush-T Combo 3-Pack Tees

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3 Pack

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Brush-T Combo 3-Pack Tees

The 3 Pack Combo Bundle is the perfect overall trial for our brush-t system. With all the essential sizes and tees included in one pack, you can easily throw it in your bag, and get out there. Explore and learn which tees are best for you. Start your journey to a better golf game with our perfect bundle.

  • Perfect Sizing - Brush-t's are unique due to their consistent height. To find your perfect tee choose the size based on name and wooden tee comparison.
  • What is a performance tee? - Technology is essential to the game of golf so why stop at golf clubs? We use durable plastic, bristle technology, and consistency in height taking the tee to a whole new level.
  • The Whole package - Each brush-t® comes with a protective case, bristle preserver, and ball marker.
  • Durable Plastic Tees - Designed with durability in mind, the brush-t is made from high quality polymer while the bristles are strong synthetic strands that last all season for most golfers.
  • Avoid plastic club marks - The wide base of the brush-t maintains consistent height on every tee up. The base of the tee sits flush with the ground while the plastic base sits above ground at a mere ~1/8"(0.5cm) to avoid club contact with plastic.
  • Bristle lengths - brush-t comes in 4 different sizes. Your bristle height should change depending on the club being used. Standard tee depth is 1.5" for all tees except the XLT tee which sits at a depth of 1.75" for more stability.
  • More Distance - Southern California independent testers found the brush-t consistently produced greater distance and reduced spin from its wooden counterpart. Brush-t was found to impart 2% less deviation on the ball which leads to straighter, more accurate drives. It showed less resistance at impact and therefore added between 3.2 and 7 yards to driving distance. These tests were carried out using the Iron Byron swing tester to help ensure greater consistency.
  • Reference ID:10060398

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