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Eyeline Golf Stroke Meter


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Eyeline Golf Stroke Meter

Develop the touch of a Tour Player, go from a putting spasm to smooth and confident.

The Stroke Meter helps you create the proper stroke length – see it, feel it... repeat.

A balanced stroke – equal length back and through - eliminates jerky motions coming into the ball. It also prevents a stroke that is decelerating into impact. Both of these tendencies create inconsistent distance control.

The goal of the Stroke Meter is to help you develop a stroke that is the same length back and through, at a consistent rate of acceleration. The color blocks on the board let you see equal distances back and through. Simply swing the putter to the same color on both sides of the ball, practicing different distance putts.

Getting Started with the Stroke Meter: 

  1. Make strokes to match the same color block on both ends
  2. Hit putts with ball on the Stroke Meter
  3. Place ball on the green beside the Stroke Meter
  4. Add the tees to hear and feel

"While teaching putting over the last 25 years to thousands of students of all skill levels, it was obvious to see that very few players have great distance control. The reason was always the same; an "unbalanced" stroke. I developed the Stroke Meter to address this key fundamental. It works for all learning styles. It's fun and easy to use, but most importantly: it's effective. You will get better when you practice with the Stroke Meter. Use it indoors or outdoors. Use it with or without a ball. You will see an instant improvement in your speed control." - Todd Sones (Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher, Golf Digest 50 Greatest Teachers, Golf Magazine Best Golf Schools in America)

  • Create a stroke that is equal back and through
  • A balanced stroke creates consistent distance control
  • It is as simple as red, yellow, and green
  • Designed to work for both Right-Handed & Left-Handed Players
  • Reference ID:100011455

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