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Eyeline Golf Sweet Spot 360° - 3 Pack

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Eyeline Golf Sweet Spot 360° - 3 Pack

The putter has a sweet spot - between the toe and heel, top and bottom of the face. The Sweet Spot 360° is a reusable foam piece that sticks to the face of your putter. It has an opening in the center for your ball to make sweet contact. Hit the spot and the putt rolls perfect. Miss the spot and there is no sound or roll. Listen for solid contact. How many can you hit in the sweet spot?

  • Meet the Sweet Spot 360

"Even though I've given thousands of putting lessons, it didn't take that many to figure out that most poor putters miss the sweet spot while great players hit it. Practicing with the sweet spot will help you to learn whether you're hitting the top, bottom, toe or heel on your missed putts. Most players have a consistent pattern of how they miss putts. Once the Sweet Spot 360 helps you to identify your miss, you are on the way to becoming a better putter." -Todd Sones

  • How the Sweet Spot 360 Works

"The sweet spot works for all three learning styles. Visually, many players make the mistake of improperly lining up their putter face to the ball. The sweet spot helps a player to see how to correctly align the face of the putter to the ball. When striking a putt off center, auditory learners will hear the "thud" versus the "click" when they hit the center of the putter. Kinesthetic learners will feel the spongy contact of the sweet spot versus solid feel of the center of the putter. The sweet spot will give a player the feedback of incorrect and correct so they can start to repeat the stroke that gives them the correct contact, helping them on their way to becoming a better putter." -Todd Sones

  • Using the Sweet Spot 360

Peel off the adhesive backing off the sweet spot. Then line it up so the open face matches the sweet spot of your putter. If you find that you are hitting the toe of your putter, you most likely have an outside-in stroke. If you hit the heel, you most likely have an inside-out stroke. If you hit the top of the sweet spot, your putter is descending. If you hit the bottom, your putter is ascending. Once you are aware of your error you can work to correct it using the sweet spot. Every time you make a correct stroke, you will be rewarded by hitting the center of your putter, putting a solid roll on your ball. -Todd Sones

  • Designed to work for both Right-Handed & Left-Handed Players
  • Helps with: Impact
  • Todd Sones: Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher, Golf Digest 50 Greatest Teachers, Golf Magazine Best Golf Schools in America
  • Reference ID:10057909

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