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Travis Fulton Iron Play – Maintain Swing Plane with Mid Irons

When it comes to hitting your mid irons, there are a few factors that need to be taken into consideration. First, the club is getting much longer which means that your swing path is going to be different than your short irons. Next, your losing loft on the club. Combine these two factors and your swing shape begins to change, especially during your first move off the ball. In this Play Better Golf Segment, renowned teaching pro and Callaway Staffer, Travis Futon, gives us some tips on how to maintain your swing plane when hitting mid irons.  

Travis Fulton: Let’s talk about the mid irons now because when we get to the mid irons, the golf club, of course, is starting to get much longer and we’re losing some loft. So your swing shape or your swing plan really starts to play a bigger role. Now when I look at swing plane there’s no question one of the most common errors happens in the first four or five feet of the backswing and what I see is this clubhead gets quickly inside. 

Notice how the shaft is way inside and it’s not in line with my left forearm. The key here is you want this club shaft to be relatively parallel to the target line but notice how the shafts in line with my left forearm. That’s a key position. Make sure you hinge your wrist up this way and not this way and that’ll help you get the club on plane to position one here. 

Now if you can get it here or anywhere near this you can really make a good turn and start to shape the rest of the plane from there and hit it on a good path. So I’m going to take my set up here and what I’ve done is I’ve incorporated this into my pre-shot routine where I’ll take my set up, give position one one quick peek here and then from there strike a shot. If you can get this club started the position one you’re going to hit your mid irons a lot better.