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Pure2Improve Tempo Trainer - 40"

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Pure2Improve Tempo Trainer - 40"

The Pure2Improve Tempo Trainer is an effective and easy-to-use swing trainer and pre-round warm-up tool benefitting golfers of all levels, from beginners to professionals. The heavy PU head and flexible fiberglass shaft combine to deliver numerous benefits. By simply swinging the Tempo Trainer for a dozen or so swings back and forth, you engage your entire body to turn, stretch, slow down, and improve your tempo. Due to the shaft flex and head weight, the Tempo Trainer’s head lags, first forcing a slower, smoother transition at the top of the swing, improving tempo and encouraging a more inside-out and flatter on-plane swing engaging lower body action, and second, making an early release more difficult teaches a forward hand position for proper lag and release. The 40” version is ideal for those 5’9 and under.

The PURE2IMPROVE Tempo Trainer also features a standard sized shaft for easy grip replacement with any standard sized grip following frequent use of the Trainer. Many competitors do not offer a replaceable grip feature. The Tempo Trainer develops better ball striking for lower scores, lower handicaps, and more fun on the course.

EASY AND EFFECTIVE WARM-UP. A dozen or so swings with the Tempo Trainer will activate your body, helping you become more flexible, build strength, and tune your tempo and swing for a more enjoyable and lower scoring round.

IMPROVE SWING TEMPO. The Tempo Trainer’s flexible fiberglass shaft and heavy PU head combine to teach a smooth transition at the top of the swing and groove a more fluid and on-plane swing.

LEARN PROPER LAG AND RELEASE. The same flexible shaft and heavy PU head combo that improves swing tempo also teaches the forward hand position for a proper lag and release.

LOWER YOUR SCORES AND HANDICAP. With improved warm-up, flexibility, strength, tempo, lag, release, and a more on-plane swing, you will realize drastically better ball striking with greater distance and accuracy for lower scores, handicaps, and more fun.

REPLACEABLE GOLF GRIP. The Tempo Trainer features easy grip replacement when needed with any standard-sized grip.


  • 40” - 40” L x 2.75” W (Head Diameter)
  • Shipping Weight: 40” - 1.4 LBS


  • Reference ID:600001084

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