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Golf Grips at WGS

We offer a wide variety of golf grips in our online store and in our brick-and-mortar locations. This includes both swing grips and putter grips, with sizes that will fit the hands of any golfer.

The best brands are all available on our online store, so no matter what size or material you want in your grip, you can find it at Worldwide Golf.

Pro Tips

  • Get a Fitting or Measure Your Hands: Get a Fitting or Measure Your Hands: Before buying a golf grip, you need to know what size golf grip is standard for you. A fitting is the best way to find out, because you can get your hands measured while trying grips in a few sizes to find out what feels best to you. Another way is to measure your hand and check out our golf grip size chart.
  • Feel the Grip Before Buying: Golf grips come with many slight differences in shape and feel, even within the same grip size. Many of the differences are difficult to explain, and you really just have to feel them to understand what you like. Get into a local golf shop and try a few out before making a purchase.
  • Consider Oversized Grips for Putters: While some golfers like a similar grip feel on their putter as the rest of their clubs, many like a jumbo or oversized grip on their putter. Even if either looks odd to you, try both in a professional golf fitting before pulling the trigger on a new one.

Buyers' Guide

We’ve made a guide to help you figure out when to replace a golf grip, and how to find the right one for each of your clubs:

Replacement Frequency

A general rule of thumb is for golfers that go out at least semi-regularly to replace their club grips about every 12-18 months for swinging clubs. If you’re not sure about your frequency, you can use the other common rule of thumb of 40 rounds or practice sessions.

Picking the Right Grip

Swinging Clubs are usually best gripped with the proper size for your hand, so getting a fitting or measuring your hands for reference with a golf grip size chart is a must. After figuring out sizing, try a few grip materials to figure out what feels best to you.

Putter: Getting fitted is also vital for putter grips, but sizing can vary more depending on preference, as many golfers like to have jumbo or oversized grips. So, after finding the standard grip size for you, it’s important to try that size alongside some more oversized grips to find out which works best for your putting stroke.

Featured Categories and Brands

For those who don’t know where to start looking for golf grips, you can check out some of our recommended brands to ensure that you get grips of consistent quality, comfort, and aesthetics.

Recommended Brands

Golf Pride
Super Stroke