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2018 Odyssey O-Works Red & Black Putters


The #1 Putter on Tour, Odyssey Golf, is building off of the success of their O-Works Red & Black line of putters by adding some new additions in 2018. The latest additions to the O-Works Red/Black line will include more mallet and blade-style putters that feature Odyssey’s unique Microhinge Face Insert. From new renditions of the iconic 2-ball putter to mallet-style putters with a feel, unlike any putter that Odyssey has ever made, the O-Works Red/Black line of putters is now equipped with a stellar lineup and multiple options, allowing you to find the perfect putter fit for your game.

O-Works Jailbird Mini (S)

Odyssey O-Works Red Jailbird Mini S

First up is the O-Works Red/Black Jailbird Mini and Mini “S” putter. The Jailbird Mini Putter is very similar to the fang look of the #7 model from Odyssey but has an additional bar at the back of the putter. The standard model comes in a double-bend shaft while the “S” model is a short slant neck hosel that promotes more toe hang and has become a popular option for many tour pros. Both the standard and S models come with the Microhinge face inserts, full-shaft offset, and your choice of a red or black finish.

O-Works Marxman (S)

Odyssey O-Works Black Marxman S

Another addition to the mallet style of O-Works Red/Black putters is the Marxman and Marxman “S.” An upgraded rendition of previous Marxman putters from Odyssey, the O-Works Red/Black Marxman is back in a big way. The Marxman is available in two shaft options, a double-bend shaft (standard) and an “S” model with a short slant neck hosel that promotes more toe hang. All models come with the new Microhinge Face Insert and your choice of the red or black finish.

O-Works 2-Ball Fang (S)

Odyssey O-Works Red 2-Ball Fang

One of the most iconic putters in the game of golf and an addition to the mallet family in the O-Works Red/Black line of putters also got some upgrades. The O-Works 2-Ball Fang and Fang “S” putter is a continuation off of the 2-ball line that, like other O-Works models, incorporates two shaft options and red and black color options. The new 2-Ball Fang gets its trademark name from the fang look, seen in the top selling #7 model from Odyssey. All of that coupled with the Microhinge Face Insert makes for one of the best 2-ball putters to date.

O-Works Tank #7 & Tank #1

Odyssey O-Works Tank #7 S

To keep up with the new models, Odyssey is also offering extensions to current O-Works Red/Black putters. The 2018 O-Works Tank #7 is an extension of the Tour-proven #7 line from Odyssey. With an upgraded look and performance to boot, the #7 line just keeps getting better and better. Like the #7 model, extensions to the O-Works Red/Black Tank #1 model are also being offered in the form of an added “S” hosel and a red option.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to experience the Odyssey O-Works line of putters for yourself, you are indeed missing out. The look standing over the ball complemented by the performance and overall feel of the putters make the O-Works Red & Black line from Odyssey a must try. The latest putters in the O-Works line will be available for pre-sale Tuesday, February 6, 2018, and available for purchase Friday, February 23, 2018. Visit a Worldwide Golf Shops location near you to experience them for yourself!