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Mizuno JPX 900 Driver Sheds Restraints

By John Steinbreder – Global Golf Post

jpx900_driver-2Though Mizuno is best known for its irons, it also devotes considerable time and effort to producing first-rate woods, with the new JPX900 line of drivers being the latest example
of that.

This product is the successor to the JPX850, and company officials say they have improved upon that club in several ways. First, there is the utilization of a new CORTECH face design. Five grams lighter than the one used on the JPX850, it allowed engineers to expand the sweet spot and provide “ball-speed retention” on off-center hits. In layman’s terms, that means they made the clubface hotter and more forgiving.

In addition, Mizuno put a pair of 8-gram, adjustable weights on an unbounded track on the driver sole so that players could dial in spin and vertical launch parameters more precisely. At the same time, ports in the toe and heel make it possible to modify both horizontal displacement and  trajectory. A Visual Face Angle adjuster enables golfers to do just that, while a Quick Switch Hosel lets them customize lofts.

screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-2-43-12-pm“We want not only to be taken seriously but also to be respected in the wood category,” says Ryan Ellis, associate brand manager of golf at Mizuno USA. “We realized that to do this, we had to change people’s perception of our performance, and that started with changing our approach to the design process.

“Our biggest problem was that we were operating with our known possibilities. When we began designing the JPX900 woods, we went to the table without any restraints in mind and looked at what mattered most. Which was performance. This created an explosion of ideas, knowledge and technologies that birthed a new beginning in the woods category for us.”

Republished with permission by Global Golf Post