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Chrome Soft X: The Next Generation

By John Steinbreder – Global Golf Post


Two years ago, Callaway introduced the Chrome Soft golf ball, a tour-level four-piecer that utilized a Dual SoftFast core, a spin-regulating mantel layer and an ultra-thin urethane cover with so-called HEX aerodynamics. A number of its tour staff professionals put it into play, among them Phil Mickelson and Patrick Reed.

Now, the company is offering another version of the ball. It bears the name Chrome Soft X. Dave Bartels, the company’s senior director of golf ball research and development, describes it as doing “everything Chrome Soft does, but with a piercing trajectory and more workable ball flight desired by many tour professionals and elite amateurs.”

According to Bartels, both Chrome Soft models are available in white and yellow and feature a two-layer, Dual SoftFast core, which is designed to promote faster ball speeds and distances off the longer clubs while providing greater control with the shorter ones.


The balls also employ a tri-ionomer mantle layer that is made to induce less spin off the long clubs and more on shots off short irons and wedges. They both boast urethane covers, which provides greenside control and feel, and rely on the HEX aerodynamics to increase carry and distance. But what sets Chrome X apart, Bartels says, is its firmer core and cover combination, which are designed to encourage more ball speed off the tee and more spin through the bag as they enable players to produce more piercing and workable ball flights.

Republished with permission by Global Golf Post

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