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Hitting a Knockdown Iron – Jon Curran

With only 14 clubs in your golf bag, it is very important to know how to hit as many shots as possible with the clubs you have.  The knockdown shot is one way that you can utilize a majority of clubs in your bag to its full potential. It can help you control your distances, flight the golf ball and create a more precise shot. Srixon Pro Jon Curran gives us a step-by-step tutorial on how to optimize every iron in your bag with the knockdown shot.

Jon Curran: With only 14 clubs in the back it is vital to know how to hit as many shots as possible with the club’s you have. Learning how to hit a choke down shot allows you to have two yardages with each of your irons. For me, I hit a stock 8-iron about 155 yards but with these adjustments I can hit the same 8-iron 140 yards with a different ball flight and with more precision.

To start, slide your hands about halfway down the grip. Set up with a narrow open stance – you’ll want to slide your feet closer together – and set your body slightly open. This stance should feel similar to your setup for an 80-yard wedge shot.

When you make this swing, feel like you’re taking the club back about 75% as far as a full swing. Decelerating through this shot can lead to a nasty slice so swing hard and through the ball. After impact you want to hold your finish at about seventy-five percent, this will keep your ball flight down and help you attack tight pins.

  1. Grip down on the club
  2. Set up with a narrow open stance
  3. Seventy-five percent back seventy-five percent through
  4. Accelerate through impact like you’re hitting a full shot.

And now you’re on your journey to better.