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Arccos Hones Shot-Tracking App


By: John Steinbreder – Global Golf Post

Nearly two years after introducing its original application, which provided on-course distances for golfers as it also offered real-time tracking of golf performances statistics, Arccos has come up with a second-generation system, dubbed Arccos 360. Among other things, it utilizes low-profile sensors that are more than 50 percent smaller and lighter than the ones used in the Connecticut-based company’s first system. And it showcases a powerful new shot-detection algorithm that promises to increase accuracy.

screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-1-51-47-pmIn addition, Arccos 360 features a battery that is guaranteed to work without charging for at least two years. The system is also designed so that golfers can play rounds with the device in airplane mode, to reduce phone battery drain and eliminate costly data roaming during international travel.

Another attribute is a hands-free shot mapping system that is dubbed GPS 2.0 and also produces rangefinder distances in yards or meters to any point on more than 40,000 courses.

“Our in-house teams of hardware and software engineers have achieved a series of technological breakthroughs that allow us to yet again provide users with a next-level performance tracking platform and helps them unlock their personal performance data to lower scores and have more fun,” says Sal Syed, Arccos founder and chief executive.

To use the Arccos 360 system, golfers attach sensors to each club, and those in turn communicate with a free app that works with iOS and Android devices.

Unlike competing products, no tapping or tagging is required to activate the device. The system records every shot a player makes, analyzes the data in real time and reveals strengths and weaknesses that in Syed’s words “enhance on-course decision making.”

Republished with permission by Global Golf Post