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Are Vessel Golf Bags the Best Luxury Golf Bag?

Three Vessel golf bags

The golf bag market has a lot of variety, but Vessel golf bags have garnered a unique reputation as a leading luxury brand. They don’t just look attractive but also offer an extensive list of features that make life easier for golfers and keep their equipment in good shape. They do this by focusing on three things:

Attention to Detail Multi-material pockets that each serve a different purposeWaterproof zippers and a combination lock for increased protectionDual-purpose functionality for many of their accessoriesRain hood with matching bag material
Innovation Patented stand system to keep bags from falling over when changing positionsPatented self-adjusting double strap for carrying
Build Quality Tour-grade synthetic leatherAntimicrobial lining for valuables pocketsGenuine leather zipper pulls and handlesMicrofiber-lined dividers for premium club protection

In this article, we will go over all three of these traits, and how Vessel golf bags use them to offer some of the best luxury bags on the market.

Attention to Detail

While many cheaper golf bags offer different-sized pockets and maybe even an insulated pocket to keep drinks or food cold, Vessel ensures that every pocket is designed for a specific purpose. Their pockets feature fully waterproof zippers, and their smaller valuables pocket is lined with antimicrobial microfiber to ensure that delicate surfaces like screens and lenses won’t get scuffed or dirty.

They also offer a magnetic and velour-lined rangefinder pocket and an additional interior valuables pocket with a combination lock– even their towel ring can be used as a bottle opener. Every aspect of Vessel golf bags is given the ultimate attention to detail, extracting every possible use from each feature.


Two proprietary systems used in most Vessel golf bags show their dedication to adding innovative and useful functionality to their product. The first is their Rotator Stand System which allows the stand to stay flat on the ground even when the bag is moved from the stand position to upright. This makes it much easier to swap positions without knocking the bag over.

The other is their Self-Adjusting Equilibrium Double Strap system that allows the carrying strap to self-adjust. This keeps the bag comfortable to carry and avoids loading too much weight on one side of the body. This helps keep your hips and back from getting tight or sore, leaving your swing uninhibited by pain caused by a sub-par carry strap.

Build Quality

The materials and processes Vessel uses to manufacture their golf bags are incredibly high-quality. They use tour-grade synthetic leather to offer luxury looks without sacrificing any durability. Their zippers are waterproof and boast genuine leather pulls. They have carbon fiber legs, microfiber-lined valuables pockets, club dividers for premium club protection, and a compression-molded neoprene back panel for maximum reliability and comfort. Everything on their golf bags is built to last, offering premium looks that outlast much of their competition.

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