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Benefits of a Golf Putter Fitting:  Learning Lab

Benefits of a golf putter fitting.

When getting a custom fit club, an oft-neglected club is a putter. Most golfers know they should get fit for their driver and maybe even their irons, but won’t realize how uniquely important the fitting process is for a putter. 

The precision required to sink putts consistently makes getting a fitting important. For those looking to improve their performance on the green significantly, it should be one of the first steps they take. So, in this article, we are going to cover:

  • What a putter fitting includes
  • The benefits of a putter fitting
  • Where to get one

What Does a Putter Fitting Include?

A putter fitting usually takes place before you pick a putter, and it measures the following specs:

Head ShapeGenerally divided into blade, mallet, and mid-mallet, clubhead shapes with more weight toward the back are more forgiving to off-center hits but provide less feedback on contact.
Shaft Position/Hosel ShapeThe position of the shaft and how the hosel shape connects it to the head will affect how much stability and rotational resistance it has. Shafts with ends that point closer to the center of the head are more face-balanced and benefit a straight stroke. Those that point to the heel allow for more rotation and benefit arced strokes.
Toe HangThe angle at which the toe (end of the putter head) hangs when the putter is balanced on a surface with the head freely rotating. More toe hang benefits putters with more arc in their stroke.
Lie AngleThe lie angle is the angle at which the clubhead lies relative to the ground during your stroke. Depending on the angle at which you hold your club while putting, you’ll need a lie angle adjustment to ensure the head is as parallel to the ground as possible at the point of contact. 
LengthThe most common shaft lengths are 33, 34, and 35 inches. Most golfers 5’8-6’1 will use a standard 34-inch shaft, but depending on your stance and stature, you’ll need a longer or shorter club.
LoftWhat some golfers may not know is the putters still have a bit of loft. Depending on where in your stroke you strike the ball, you will need more or less loft to ensure you you get optimal forward roll when the putter face makes contact with the ball.
Head WeightHeavier putter heads will provide more stability at the point of contact and allow for a shorter stroke to achieve the same momentum but provide less feedback at contact. This balance is almost entirely reliant on feel.

To get an even better idea of what a putter fitting looks like, check out one that we did with Taylormade:

PUTTER FITTING: NEW TaylorMade Spider GTX & GT Max w/ Chris “Trottie” Trott | The Kingdom

Benefits of a Putter Fitting

The reason it is so important to get a putter fitting is that so many of these determinations need to be made with the club in your hand. Also, the only way to know what configuration works best for you is to test out different putters from varying distances with a trained fitting professional that can analyze your stroke and recommend changes.

The primary benefits of a putter fitting are:

  • Experimentation: Isolation of different variables in a putter configuration by trying multiple putters with only one or two key differences.
  • Personalization: Take practice putts with various putters to zero in on a configuration that works for you.
  • Optimization: Maximizing the value of a given putter by fine-tuning it to get the best performance possible for the money.
  • Savings: Avoid wasted money “upgrading” to a putter that may actually provide worse results for your stroke.
  • Assessment: Expert observation and analytics to ensure that you aren’t overcorrecting flaws in your game and turning your new putter into a crutch.

This is why it is so vital to get a fitting whenever you’re looking to buy a new club. Luckily, Worldwide Golf Shops offers free fittings for club purchases at our brick-and-mortar locations, and expert advice even through our online store.

Get a Putter Fitting at Worldwide Golf Shops

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