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Best Cold Weather Golf Gear to Have in Your Closet

Three examples of the best cold weather golf gear: A beanie, jacket, and rain gloves.

While a sunny and clear day out on the course is ideal, only some enjoy this weather year-round. Some golfers only want to golf when the weather permits, like when there is no precipitation or when the temperature is high enough, but most of those who live in places with longer cold seasons don’t want to see half of their year blacked out from their golf schedule.

So, to help golfers play more comfortably during those fall/winter months, we are going to go over the best cold weather golf gear to have on hand to keep yourself warm and dry on the course. 

There are several things to go over, including:

  • Outerwear
  • Gloves
  • Shoes
  • Headwear
  • Tech and Accessories

Let’s dive into each, and cover everything you can get to make your cold weather golfing experience as pleasant as possible.


One of the most obvious needs in cold weather is your outerwear. Jackets, sweaters, and windbreakers make it much more pleasant to golf in the cold, keeping you warm and dry depending on the material.

The benefits of each are as follows:

Sweater/Hoodie Great for keeping warm in dry conditions, or layering on really cold days.
Rain Jacket/Pants Great for keeping you warm and dry on rainy days, and the pants can also keep your legs covered with similar material used in the rain jackets. Using both in tandem is ideal in wet weather.
Windbreaker Generally waterproof, but more used for reducing the effect of windchill, or when layering with other outerwear.


One thing mentioned in the table that is important to note is layering. Layering is a good way to stay warm without wearing extra bulky or puffy jackets that could hinder a good golf swing. Clothes like base layers help make jackets designed for slightly warmer weather perform just as well on colder days. Just remember, wear soft, non-waterproof materials like cotton and wool on the inside for better insulation. You don’t need sweat-wicking material in every layer, just the one touching your skin.


There are also rainy weather pants available to keep your legs dry. These pants also do a great job wicking sweat as it gets warmer, so they are one of the items on this list that can be used all year, making them an even more valuable purchase.

A final note on outerwear: Many clothes fall somewhere between these categories. In these cases, just look at the product’s material and design. Are you playing in the rain? You probably need something waterproof, preferably with a hood. Are you playing in the bitter cold? You probably either want something with better insulation or something that can easily be layered on top of other clothes to create a warm ensemble.


Most golfers use at least one glove regardless of weather. In wet weather, golfers should consider getting a second golf glove for their off-hand to ensure both hands can grip the club well. There are even all-weather golf gloves made specifically for playing in wet weather, which may be a solid option for golfers who often play in the rain.

In cold weather, getting a pair of cart mitts is a great way to keep your hands warm in between shots. This is extremely important, as cold hands often get stiff, making a golf swing uncomfortable and less precise. Consider pairing cart mitts with hand warmers to give your hands the extra heat they need.


Every golfer should have a pair of golf shoes, but those that play in more varied weather will likely benefit from an additional pair specifically for cold and wet weather. Many shoes work great in cold weather without being advertised specifically for that purpose, so when looking for shoes, simply look for a pair that have all of the following features:

Waterproof Material When playing in cold or wet weather often, fully waterproof golf shoes make life much easier and will need to be replaced less often.
Spiked Sole Soft Spiked golf shoes tend to work better for those consistently playing in wet weather, though some spikeless shoes mimic the depth and shape of soft spiked shoe and can perform similarly.
Moisture Ejection Many golf shoes leverage mesh material or moisture ejection holes that can ensure that any moisture that ends up in the shoe, whether it is from rain or sweat, can be ejected while you walk the course instead of being locked in the shoe and making your feet even colder.

If the weather you’re in is just cold, then you can probably just stick with the golf shoes that you love. Although, you should consider buying thicker socks to ensure your feet stay warm. Cushy socks also have the added benefit of being more pleasant to walk around in, so it is a win-win for those looking to improve their golf experience regardless of the weather.


In cold weather, some golfers like to switch up the typical golf hat for a beanie/knit cap to provide extra warmth. In wet weather, many golfers opt for hats with wider brims or rain covers that help keep their head and neck area dry. These types of headwear can make golfing in inclement weather more comfortable. Those who don’t usually wear a hat while golfing may want to consider at least wearing a regular golf hat in the rain to keep their hair a bit drier, and keep the rain out of their face.


A wider array of small tech products and golf accessories can help you in the cold, rainy seasons. Some are more optional than others, but all of them can be extremely useful. Most are pretty self-explanatory, and they include the following:

  • Hand warmers
  • Neck warmers
  • Cart heaters
  • Umbrellas
  • Bag covers (sometimes included with your bag)

All of these are designed to make life easier for golfers who experience cold and wet weather, and many of them are affordable enough to be worth getting just to see if they make a difference for your game.

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