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Best Golf Bags: Unleashing Ultimate Functionality and Convenience on the Course

A Sunday bag, cart bag, and stand bag

There are countless brands, models, and styles of golf bags out there. While coming to the right decision on the best golf bags to get can be a pretty subjective assessment, it is vital to know exactly what type of bag you need. So, we are going to go over the following bag archetypes and what they work best for:

Let’s dive into each and discuss what they do best, who should use them, and when it is better to get a second bag to meet varied needs.

Space for a Full Set of Clubs Carry Strap Easy to Carry Extra Storage Space
Stand Bags /
Cart Bags
Hybrid Bags
Sunday Bags

Stand Bags

The Vessel Player IV golf stand bag

The Vessel Player IV golf stand bag.

Stand bags are some of the most common bags on the market, and that is because they are the most versatile on the list. They provide enough space for a full set of golf clubs and typically come with several pockets to store all the gear you will need for a round of golf. Many even include specialty pockets for drinks and valuables to ensure your water stays cold and your screens aren’t scuffed. They also usually include a stand and carry strap and are made lighter to be easier to carry around the golf course for those that like to walk.

This comes at the cost of the extra storage space that cart and hybrid bags offer, though. So for those who like to pack more, a stand bag may simply not offer enough storage space.

Cart Bags

The Wilson NFL cart bag

The Wilson NFL cart bag.

Cart bags are made to be placed in a golf cart and are heavier and more feature-packed as a result. They often include significantly more storage space than a regular stand bag, including more of those specialty pockets we discussed above. This is a more common need for those that like to keep extra clothes, jackets, shoes, or gear for inclement weather in their bag.

Generally, if you know you will be taking a cart whenever you golf, a cart bag will offer the most value for you. This value comes in the form of extra storage space and more dividers for club storage.

Hybrid Bags

The Titleist Hybrid 14 Stand Bag

The Titleist Hybrid 14 Stand Bag.

Hybrid bags are less common than cart and stand bags, but they attempt to bring some of the extra features of a cart bag into a more carry-friendly form factor. This is done by including a carry strap and stand on a slightly larger bag. While they do bring a lot of extra storage space, they are usually heavier than traditional stand bags.

This makes them a great option for those who usually take a cart, or at least use a push cart, but want the option to walk the course now and again. They likely won’t be comfortable to carry every time you go out but are more carryable than a cart bag while still offering more storage space than a stand bag.

Sunday Bags

The Cobra Ultralight Pencil Sunday Carry Bag

The Cobra Ultralight Pencil Sunday Carry Bag.

Sunday bags are extra-small bags meant to carry a select few clubs out to the range or course. Also called “pitch-and-putt” bags, Sunday bags usually allow for no more than 8 clubs, with many allowing for even fewer, and don’t have a ton of storage space. They are extremely light, sometimes include a stand, and very comfortable to carry.

This makes them a great second bag for driving range trips, short game practice, or quick rounds where you’ll only be looking to use a few irons and your wedges.  They don’t make great main bags since most golfers will want to have at least one bag that can carry a full set of clubs.

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