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Best Golf Gadgets to Improve Your Game

Three of the best golf gadgets on our online store

Golfing in the modern day brings several benefits. Golf tech has improved so much over the years, both electronics and unpowered tools. Whether you want gadgets to help you while you’re on the course, or training aids that help you improve at home or the range, there is likely something out there that will make improving your golf game easier.

In this buyers’ guide, we will cover the best golf gadgets to improve your game in a few different categories:

Best On-Course Gadgets The best gadgets for improving your game or making life easier while on the golf course.
Best Training Aids The best golf gadgets for improving your practice time, whether at home or at the driving range.
Golf Gadgets that Also Work Off-Course Golf gadgets that also serve a purpose off-course, allowing you to get value out of them even when you’re not golfing.

Let’s dive into each category, and cover the best golf gadgets for every golfer’s needs.

Best On-Course Gadgets

There are several great on-course gadgets, both powered and unpowered. Many will seem like no-brainers to experienced golfers, but that is why they are on the list– they bring so much convenience and simplicity to a round of golf that they are almost a given in experienced golfers’ bags. Others are a bit more niche but are worth the money if you’re in the right situation or weather often enough

These are the best golf gadgets on the course:

Ball Retrievers Telescoping rods with a ball retriever head to make it easier to fish golf balls out of hard-to-reach places.
Rangefinders Electronic devices with a lens and laser technology that allow you to point at the pin and know the exact distance between it and where you’re standing.
Push Carts Both manual and electric push carts exist to help push your bag around when you can’t get a golf cart, and you don’t want to carry your golf bag.
Ball Washers/Ball Wash Tubes and Towels Tubes or sleeves that make it easier to wash your golf balls with a little bit of water from your bottle, and towels to keep them clean and dry.
Clip-On Club Brush Club brushes with a soft bristle and metal bristle side attach to your bag so you can clean your clubs before every shot.
Golf Multitools Many golf multitools exist with some combination of divot repair tool, ball marker, divot cleaning brush, or other helpful tools to provide utility in a compact package.

These tools can make a round of golf far more comfortable and successful. Keeping your clubs and balls clean and knowing your distance from the pin all make for better performance on the course, while ball retrievers and push carts simply make it easier to spend a day on the course without getting too tired or running out of balls.

Best Training Aids

While the on-course experience is important, it isn’t the only part of improving your golf game. Some of the most important shots you’ll take will be at home or the driving range, dialing in your shot and improving your swing. Plenty of golf gadgets are designed to help you train better no matter where you are.

These are the best golf gadgets to enhance your training off-course:

Swing Trainers Swing trainers refer to a wide variety of tools used to improve the speed and shape of your golf swing. They usually take the place of your club, and have a clubhead and shaft with a special shape, weight, or level of flex. These tools usually isolate one or two aspects of a golf swing to help you fine-tune them without even hitting a golf ball.
Golf Nets Nets that can be put up and taken down fairly quickly to allow you to hit golf balls in a smaller space, like a yard, park, garage, or basement. 
Divot Feedback Boards Hitting mats or boards made with special materials on the surface that leave clear divots to help you determine how accurate your swing is upon contact with the turf.
Configurable Hitting Mats Hitting mats with varied sections with different turf types, some even having patches you can slot in with alignment aids to ensure your swing path is correct.
Alignment Rods They aren’t what everyone would call a gadget, but alignment rods make it easier to know whether your swing path is straight relative to your stance and target.
Launch Monitors Electronic devices that use camera and radar technology to track every metric of your golf shot, including clubhead speed, launch angle, ball spin rate, and many others. These are vital for higher-level players who need the most accurate data to track their improvement.

All of these can enhance your training, and help you improve at golf much faster. By employing these training aids, golfers can avoid developing bad habits by simply hitting balls and watching how they fly. While none of these are a substitute for a session with a golf coach/professional, they can make it much easier to work on what a golf coach/professional teaches you.

Golf Gadgets That Work Off-Course

For some golfers, knowing that a golf gadget will also be helpful in their everyday lives can help make it easier to spend money on it. Luckily, a few gadgets are as useful off the course as they are on-course or at the range.

These are the best golf gadgets that also offer value off-course:

GPS/Smart Watches GPS watches, or smart watches with GPS capabilities, are great tools on and off the course. They offer many useful features for everyday life off the course, and the GPS can help golfers determine their distances on the course and look at course features that they may not be able to see from the tee.
Portable Massagers Portable massage tools help relieve tightness and soreness that can accumulate during a round of golf, and they also make great self-care and recovery tools when you’re at home or doing other athletic activities.
Portable Bluetooth Speakers Portable speakers are great for a day at the driving range with friends, brightening the mood with music. Luckily, music makes most other social activities great, too!
Fans and Misters Portable fans and misting devices/water bottles are terrific options for cooling off in hot weather no matter what you’re doing.

All of these golf gadgets bring a ton of value no matter what you‘re doing, so you don’t have to worry about wasting your money if you’re not able to golf as often as you thought you would.

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