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Best Golf Gifts for Men: 2023 Holiday Guide

Examples of some of the best golf gifts for men.

The holidays are coming up, and it can be tough to find the right gift for a golfer. Golfing is an expensive hobby, and golfers can be very particular, so many people struggle to find gifts that are both useful for their loved ones and not going to break the bank.

In this holiday guide, we’ll cover the best golf gifts for men in every category, as well as some guidance on how to buy a gift for someone when you aren’t sure what they already have. All in all, we will go over:

Let’s dive into each, and find out what the best golf gifts for men are.

Golf Apparel

One of the best surprise gifts you can get for a golfer is golf apparel. This is because most golfers have all the necessary equipment, and it is hard to get them something useful without asking them what they need and ruining the surprise. Having an extra set of golf clothes is always useful, and looking good on the course can be a big confidence booster.

Every golfer could use more:

  • Golf shirts
  • Golf shorts/pants
  • Comfortable socks
  • Hats for the sun
  • Jackets for cold/wet weather
  • Quality sunglasses

The key to getting quality golf clothes is to focus equally on style and comfort. While cotton polos and khaki shorts are nice for some occasions, consider getting shirts and bottoms made of moisture-wicking, light material that better serves the athletic nature of golf. While many consider golf a leisure activity, at the end of the day, it is still a sport.

Golf Shoes

Another great gift for a man who golfs is a new pair of golf shoes. Like other apparel, having an extra pair of golf shoes is never a problem. Golf involves a lot of walking, so shoes can wear down pretty quickly. 

Depending on the weather that your golfer usually experiences, you’ll want to look for different things in golf shoes:

Dry Climate Look for shoes that focus on quality support and cushioning, and feel free to pick primarily based on style here. Soft spiked/spikeless shoes will serve golfers in these areas as well as spiked, but the firm, dry turf may call for more cushioned soles.
Cold & Wet Climate Wetter climates call for better grip on the golf shoe, so consider leaning toward spiked golf shoes for better traction. Also, look for shoes that are 100% waterproof, and include a lot of cushioning and support for cold mornings when even wet turf gets firm.
Warm & Wet Climate Similar advice to the above section, but this time, focus more on lightweight shoes with air/moisture channels to keep feet cool and allow water and sweat to escape.

Golf Accessories

Golf accessories can make for quality gifts, but you’ll have to be more careful if you’re looking to surprise the recipient. There are three strategies to consider when buying golf accessories for the men in your life:

Ask Them What They Have While this will spoil that you’re getting something golf-related, you can ask them what they already have so that you can conceal exactly what you end up getting them.
Buy Consumables Consumable accessories like tees, golf balls, and brushes are always great gifts because even if your golfer already has them, they will eventually need more.
Buy Unique Accessories Since your golfer may already have the basics like gloves, an umbrella, and club headcovers, you can try getting them more unique or specialty accessories like portable massage guns, golf training aids, or GPS-enabled smart watches.

Golf Gifts Under $50

For those shopping on a budget, it is important to know that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get an excellent gift for a man who golfs. Here is a list of great golf gifts under $50 (including some that have been mentioned above): 

  • Golf consumables (tees, balls, towels, and brushes)
  • Golf shirts and shorts
  • Golf ball retrievers
  • Golf gloves
  • Golf ball shag tubes/bags
  • Water bottles
  • Sun/heat protection (hats, cooling towels, misters, sun sleeves, etc.)
  • Golf shop gift cards

Avoid getting budget versions of gifts that are usually more expensive, like golf bags or shoes. These will likely not serve them as well as what they already have, and they’d be better off getting something that can still offer quality at the price point. For more golf gifts under $50, visit our online store.

Should You Buy Golf Clubs for Someone Else?

This is a tricky subject, but the general answer is no. There are a few reasons for this:

  1. It is almost impossible to know precisely what kind of club suits the recipient’s game, and what gaps they need to fill in their bag.
  2. There are so many configurations available, so even if you know of a specific club they want, you may not know what shaft, loft/lie angle, and/or grip they want.
  3. Even the golfer himself should only buy clubs after getting a professional club fitting

Instead of getting clubs for your loved ones, buy gift cards to a quality golf shop or online store, and surprise them with a golf club fitting at a nearby store. This way, you ensure that they get exactly what they want, and in the perfect configuration to get them the results they seek from new clubs. 

This also has the added benefit of turning a simple gift into an activity for you both to go to, maybe even giving you a chance to swing some clubs and better understand your loved one’s hobby.

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