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Best Home Golf Simulators for Every Golfer

Three of the best home golf simulators covered in our review

Home practice can be difficult for most golfers, as not many have enough outdoor space to let it rip with all their clubs. As a result, golfers are often stuck only being able to practice when they have time to go to the range, except for some chipping around the park.

Golf simulators are the go-to solution for home practice, and they allow golfers to practice with all their clubs on a simulated golf course and get in-depth analytics on every shot. Two obstacles generally dictate whether a golfer thinks a simulator is right for them: Required interior/exterior space and cost. Luckily, there are far more options than most realize, and we will cover the best home golf simulators for every golfer’s situation:

Best Premium Indoor Simulator Skytrak and Skytrak+ Studio Packages
Best Value All-in-One Simulator Optishot Golf in a Box 3
Best Simulator for Portable Indoor/Outdoor Functionality Rapsodo MLM2PRO/Voice Caddie SC4
Best for Precise Analytics Foresight GCQuad
Best Budget Practice Setup Golf Net + Hitting Mat

Let’s dive into our recommendations for each situation and find the best golf simulators for every golfer.

Best Premium Indoor Simulator: Skytrak and Skytrak+

The Skytrack indoor golf simulators are our choice for premium indoor golf simulation because of their unrivaled combination of easy setup, high-quality visuals, course variety, and accurate shot metrics. They come with the Skytrak or Skytrak+ launch monitor, an HDR-capable projector with a mounting arm, a hitting mat, putting turf, and enclosure netting– everything you need for an incredibly immersive golf simulation in one package.

If you have the space and budget for one, Skytrak ($5,995) and Skytrak+ ($6,995) studio packages provide an all-in-one experience unmatched by any other golf simulator on the market in this price range.

Best Value Indoor Simulator: Optishot Golf in a Box 3

Optishot offers 5 Golf in a Box packages that provide varying levels of simulator functionality. The Optishot Golf in a Box 3 is our best value selection because it is the lowest-cost package with a simulator screen and projector. At just over half the price of the Skytrak+ ($3,200), the Optishot 3 provides all of the fundamentals of an indoor golf simulator at an extremely competitive price. It accomplishes this by using a hitting mat that can be connected to a computer instead of a standalone launch monitor system with its own computing power. 

As a result, we believe the Optishot Golf in a Box 3 offers the best value through a great base-level indoor simulator experience at a more digestible price.

Best Simulator for Portable Indoor/Outdoor Functionality: Rapsodo MLM2PRO/Voice Caddie SC4

We have a two-way tie for our Portable indoor/outdoor simulator category, and this is because the Rapsodo MLM2PRO and Voice Caddie SC4 are comparable in form factor and functionality. Both of these portable launch monitor systems can be used in just about any practice environment both with and without a net, are easy to set up, offer simulator functionality through a mobile app, and provide accurate shot metrics through Doppler radar technology.

They sit about $100 apart in price, but the key differences make them both great values at their given price points:

Rapsodo MLM2PRO Voice Caddie SC4
Price $699.99 $549.99
Recorded Metrics 13 8
Video Shot Replay Yes (w/ Shot Vision/Impact Vision multi-option replay) Yes
Native Simulator Courses 30K Rapsodo Courses + E6 Connect and Awesome Golf capability (for extra money) No native courses, free E6 Connect included with purchase
Requires Smartphone For Simulator Only For Simulator Only

Best for Precise Analytics: Foresight GCQuad

For high-level golfers who require the most precise possible metrics, with the widest array of features and a true workhorse of a launch monitor/simulator, there is no better option than the Foresight GCQuad. With 14 measured ball and club metrics, putting analysis, a massive 18”x14” hitting zone, four high-definition cameras, and many more industry-leading features, the GCQuad simply leaves nothing on the table regarding accurate shot tracking and simulation.

Foresight GCQuad Feature Rundown

Ball Data Launch Angle
Side Angle
Ball Speed
Total Spin
Side Spin/Spin Axis
Club Data Club Head Speed
Smash Factor
Club Path
Angle of Attack
Face Angle
Impact Location
Closure Rate
Putting Analysis Yes
Hitting Zone 18” x 14”
Cameras 4 (Quadrascopic)
Light Source Integrated Infrared
Battery Interchangeable Lithium Ion
Display Type Premium Reflective Memory
(Outdoor Viewability)
Fold-Out Ground
Finish Material Thermo Plastic Rubberized Material with Premium Metallic Finish
Barometric Sensor Yes
Accelerometer Yes
WiFi Yes
Ethernet Yes
USB Type C
Bluetooth Yes
Alignment Stick Included
Warranty 2-year US
Size 7” (W) x 12.5” (H) x 4” (D)
Weight 7.5lbs / 3.8kg
Battery Life 6-8 Hours

Now, the Foresight GCQuad carries a premium price tag to go along with its premium features ($16,000), which is only for the monitor. To get a simulator setup to go along with it, it will run another $1-3 thousand. But golf can get expensive, and a simulator package with a GCQuad launch monitor is an absolute dream for golfers who prioritize having the best of the best. So, for those who can manage the cost, this is our #1 pick.

Best Budget Practice Setup

For golfers who have reached the end of this list and have not found anything that quite meets their needs for frugality, we have good news for you: A simulator is the only way to get full-swing practice at home or a local golf range. The fact is, golf is a much more financially flexible sport than many give it credit for, and there are options for everybody to enjoy the game just as much as those with all the money in the world to spend.

All you need to practice full-swing in your garage, yard, or local grass patch is a golf net. Full-size nets can be had for as low as $69.99 on our online store, and they take mere minutes to set up on some grass and get swinging. If you need to hit off of an indoor surface or a hard outdoor surface, a hitting mat can come as affordably as $20. Throw in a couple of rubber tees, and you’re looking at full-swing practice wherever you have the space for less than $100.

Golf is for everybody, and while in-depth metrics and electronic simulators can improve the fun and precision of your practice, they certainly aren’t necessary to improve one’s golf game. Golfers on a budget should get what they can to unlock their ability to swing as often as possible, and as the money comes, a mobile launch monitor can be an affordable addition down the road to improve the practice quality.

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