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Best Kids’ Golf Gear: Setting Young Players Up for Success

A few examples of the best kids' golf gear: Golf balls, clubs, and attire

When it comes to young golfers, there are several things that parents should look for to get their child’s golf journey started on the right foot. With that said, the sheer volume of options can make it difficult to know exactly what kids need, or what the best kids’ golf gear to get first is. 

So, we will go over exactly what to look for to ensure that your child has what they need to learn, practice, get on the course, and play a full round of golf. To do all of that, your child will need:

  • Golf clubs
  • Training aids
  • Regulation-friendly attire
  • Gear and consumables for the course

Let’s get into the specifics of each, and how to best shop for your young golfer without overspending on things they don’t quite need.

Golf Clubs

Every golfer needs clubs, but how many do they need? What should parents buy first for their kids? Well, a full set of golf clubs includes about 14 clubs, but that doesn’t mean that new golfers need all 14. As long as your child has a metal wood, a set of irons, a couple of wedges for shorter shots, and a putter, they can learn the game of golf. Let’s go over the ways to get clubs for your kid:

Package Sets
  • Simple way to get every necessary club
  • Cheapest way to get everything you need
  • Comes with a bag
  • No control over the quality of each club
Piecemeal New Clubs
  • Most customized way to go
  • Control over the percentage of your budget spent on each club
  • Quality assurance for each club
  • Will likely last longer than either other option
  • Most expensive option
PIecemeal Used Clubs
  • Potential for exceptional value
  • Takes a lot more knowledge
  • Quality assurance for each club
  • Will likely last longer than a package set
  • More expensive than a package set
  • Kids’ options can be limited secondhand

There is no “right way” to get your kid’s clubs, but there are easier and harder ways. The easiest being a package set of kids clubs, the next easiest being piecemeal new clubs, and the hardest being used. The best way to find the right option for you is to go into a professional golf shop that can offer you all three, and talk to an expert associate that can guide you based on your needs, goals, and budget.

Training Aids

Golf training aids are an important part of improving on the fundamentals of both at the course/range and at home when you can’t normally hit. There are so many aspects of golf to learn, and being able to train no matter where you are is vital for any new golfer, but the benefits can be compounded with the elastic mind of a child. 

So, you should consider getting your child at least the following training aids:

While there are so many training aids that can be useful for kids, these are some of the best values-per-dollar in terms of improvement on golf fundamentals. This means that you won’t have to break the bank to give your child some way to improve while off the course, and enhance their learning on the course and at the range.

Golf Attire

There are more reasons to get quality golf attire than just impressing those around you. The most important reason to get at least a couple of golf outfits for your child is that most golf courses have dress codes. Young golfers will need a collared golf shirt, non-denim long pants or shorts, and golf shoes.

The second most important reason for golf attire is comfort. It is vital to get clothes made of athletic material, which means moisture-wicking, breathable, flexible fabrics that allow for movement and help keep your child cool and dry while they golf.

Gear and Consumables for the Course

The “gear” category in golf is a wide one, so let’s focus on just what your child needs to have a comfortable round of golf, and continue getting reps in without significant obstacles:

While this may seem like a lot, going without any of these items will lead to significant inconveniences on the course, which will take away from your child’s learning experience. You don’t have to get top-dollar options for all of these—or any of them—just make sure your child has them if they are looking to play even semi-frequent rounds of golf.

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