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Best Ladies Fairway Woods for High Handicappers

Three Ladies’ fairway woods that are good for high-handicappers

Most buyers’ guides will give a list of clubs that golfers should consider buying, and that list will rapidly become outdated as new releases come along and replace those that used to rule their class. So, to help ensure that we equip female golfers with the knowledge they need to determine the best club for themselves no matter when they are shopping, we are going to cover the features that make the best ladies’ fairway woods for high-handicap golfers.

These include:

  • Forgiveness
  • Weight
  • Shaft Flex

Let’s dive into each feature and how they help female golfers that are working on lowering their handicap.

Forgiveness A more broad specification, forgiveness can be improved in a few ways. Making the clubface thinner, increasing head size, and moving the center of gravitylow and to the rear can all improve forgiveness and make it easier to hit well.
Weight Decreasing weight is extremely important for women’s clubs, making it easier to swing the club faster. This helps compensate for slower swing speeds and get the ball moving farther.
Shaft Flex Adding flex in the shaft helps compensate for the speed of a golfer’s swing. For women, this usually means increasing flex beyond that of a regular flex shaft to help them get more distance out of a slower swing speed.


The forgiveness of a golf club can be affected by multiple factors, including:

  • Center of gravity (CG)
  • The size of the clubface
  • The material used in the clubface

Center of Gravity (CG)

A club’s CG impacts ball flight by increasing MOI (moment of inertia), which increases stability on off-center shots. Positioning the weight farther back and lower will increase the launch angle and the ball’s spin rate. This can affect distance, but makes it easier to get the ball into the air and flying straight down the fairway. It also increases the playable surface area of the clubface, which means the ball will go straighter on off-center strikes.

Clubface Size

Increasing the overall size of the clubface will increase the playable surface area in-kind. Clubs with a bigger face provide better results on off-center contact, making them more forgiving than smaller clubfaces.

Clubface Material

By increasing the flexibility of the clubface material, and thinning it, manufacturers can make the club more forgiving by adding “give” at the point of contact. This also sacrifices some distance, but in return, it allows for straighter shots on average.


Much of the difference between women’s clubs and men’s clubs lies in their weight. Overall, women’s clubs are lighter, making it easier to increase swing speed. This means that lighter clubs are especially helpful for women that struggle with swing speed, as they will help them improve on this part of their game and hit longer.

Shaft Flex

Female golfers often have slower swing speeds than their male counterparts, but there is still a large amount of variance between individuals. Generally, you should always get a professional fitting at a specialty golf shop to determine what shaft flex you need.

Typically, slower-swinging golfers need more flexible shafts. While male golfers with slower swing speeds will need a regular or stiff shaft, women and older golfers can benefit from “ladies” or “senior” golf shafts with extra flex to help get more “whip” in the clubhead and help get the ball moving farther down the fairway.

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