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Best Ladies Golf Clubs for Intermediate Players

Three types of the best women's clubs for intermediate golfers: An irons set, a fairway wood, and a driver

Selecting clubs is difficult for any golfer, but there is added complexity when selecting clubs that work better for female golfers. Every brand seems to offer models geared toward women, but they don’t always explain well what changes have been made to improve distance and forgiveness specifically for female golfers.

In this article, we will go over what makes the best ladies’ golf clubs for intermediate players, and how to choose the right clubs as your handicap improves.

Forgiveness The overall forgiveness of a club is something that makes a club easier to hit well for any golfer, especially intermediate golfers looking to improve their game.
Shaft Flex Women tend to benefit from more shaft flex, and specialized shafts are made more flexible to increase distance for female golfers.
Weight Reduction Reducing weight while maintaining forgiveness helps increase swing speed, improving shot distance.

Let’s dive into each of these specifications and why they improve the game of female golfers.


Club manufacturers can improve forgiveness in several ways:

  • Increasing the size of the club head or face
  • Making the clubface thinner
  • Moving weight low and toward the rear of the clubhead
  • Increasing the loft slightly

By improving in these areas, clubs are easier to hit consistently, even on off-center strikes. These adjustments not only make it easier to hit the ball straight, but also to get it up in the air. When shopping for women’s golf clubs, examine clubheads and read what technology and weight strategy has been used to know if the club is forgiving enough for you.

Shaft Flex

The flex of the shaft is designed to suit the golfer– no one shaft is going to increase distance for everyone. Faster swings typically require stiffer shafts, with slower swings benefitting from more flex or “whip” in the shaft. For women, since their swings are significantly slower than men’s on average, specialized shafts are made extra flexibly to increase distance.

This isn’t necessarily a factor when selecting which club to buy, but is extremely important to note when choosing which shaft to put on it. Just because a stock shaft is labeled a “ladies’ flex” shaft, doesn’t mean it is flexible or stiff enough for you. The best way to determine which shaft to get is to get a custom club fitting.

Weight Reduction

We’ve talked about weight placement in terms of forgiveness, but not about total club weight. While adding weight in certain areas can make a club easier to hit, adding too much weight overall can decrease distance for golfers with slower swing speeds.

This is why most women’s golf clubs are designed to be lighter and easier to swing quickly, improving distance and making them more comfortable to use. 

This can be done by:

  • Leveraging cavity-back iron heads
  • Decreasing the amount of internal weight in wood and driver heads
  • Making shafts more hollow to decrease weight and increase flex

All of this will make it easier to improve swing speed, and improve average shot distance as a result.

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